Saturday, July 16, 2011

~super junior ideal girl~

Kyuhyun ♥
oppa likes girl whose leg was level, smooth & beautiful
beautiful girl who gracefully
must be Christian
likes girls who only has eyes for him alone 
oppa likes girls who mature & motherly most close to his type: Kim Tae Hee 

Kibum ♥
must be Christian
have a beautiful eyes
can makes oppa fall in love while looking at her
beautiful & sweet

shorter & more little than oppa
innocent, fun & easy to talk
must be able to sing & has a beautiful voice
most close to his type: Lee Yeon Hee

Siwon ♥
oppa girlfriend must be Christian
her hair was beautiful, long & wavy
oppa hopes his girlfriend just love oppa
elegant & grace
have a beautiful & brilliant eyes

Donghae ♥
like motherly & gentle girl
oppa likes charming & elegant girls
like the type of thinker girl
like the girl let her hair tied back of her neck visble
most close to his type: Song Hye Gyo & Kim Ha Neul

Eunhyuk ♥
oppa likes cute girls
oppa also like a girl who have soft white body, bright eyed
girl calm & gentle personality
girls who like the cotton candy
someone where oppa can lean back & hold her with his both arms

Sungmin ♥
shorter than oppa
a cute girl & kind-hearted pretty girl
easy to talk, sociable & look cute while talking
oppa like a girl who motherly & smart cook
most close to his type: Song Hye Gyo & Kang Hye Jung

Shindong ♥
a cute girl
oppa also prefer the short girl
most close to his type: Song Hye Gyo

Kangin ♥
rich, beautiful & sexy girl
her hair was beautiful, long & straight
his smile was charming & have a beautiful legs
oppa love a girl that looks attractive & loyal
oppa also like girls who opinionated & smart
most close to his type: Jun Ji Hyun 

Yesung ♥
innocent, pure & cute
charming babyface girl
oppa also much prefer the small-face little girl
most close to his type: Moon Geun Young & Park Bo Young <model + actress>

Hangeng ♥
a cute girl, kind & smiling
a matronly woman who can love their families & oppa
oppa hope she's able to love & accept oppa as a 'Hangeng' not Hangeng who is a actor & Super Junior member.

Heechul ♥
like the girl who wore a skirt & beautiful legs
likes to show her neck with her hair tied
because according of oppa, a girl like that very sexy
have a beautiful neck
most close to his type: Chae-Yeon & Kim Ha Neul

Leeteuk ♥
height 163 cm
got beautiful eyes, the types of girls pure + innocent
if smiling her eyes could form the eye-smile, slim, small wrists and legs
oppa love cute girls & little aegyo
willing to listen what oppa saying
oppa also hopes his girlfriend wise & just love oppa a same
beautiful, outgoing & fun
most close to his type: Jang Nara

All credits 2 : i'll be your elf

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