Thursday, July 14, 2011

~kim hee chul facts 2~

  • He believe no one should smoke.
  • He wants two kids.
  • He is a very deep and sensitive person.
  • When Heechul gets mad he tends to throw things.
  • He does not pay his cellphone bill, its sent to his parents.
  • Heechul when asked if he became invisible what would he do he replied, "My answer when I was in grade school secretly looking into wemons bath houses."
  • His moto is "Im me, you are you."
  • He hates the fact he has so much pride.
  • He got a cat from a fan & named it HanJHeeBum - its name is a mixture of Hankyungs, Typhoons of the Trax, Heechul’s, & Kibum’s names. It is a Russian Blue cat that’s worth around $500-$800. 
  • Favorite color: Red (blood), Pink, Black 
  • Favorite movies: Horror movies, Thrillers, & Comedies 
  • He averages about 4 hours of sleep a day 
  • Nickname: Cinderella 
  • “Confidence & my beloved friends” are the most important to him 
  • He’s in Super Junior T 
  • He was in a car accident in 2006 
  • When his friend, Yunho U Know of DBSK was poisoned by a female anti fan he criticized her on his website & told the anti-fans to come after him instead.
    Before he officially debuted as the member of Super Junior, he was put into a group with Kangin, & Jaejoong & Yunho of DBSK They were to be called “Four Seasons” w/ each representing the 4 seasons, The idea was dropped. 
  • He is funny and a good friend to everyone.
  • Heechul has named his own fans as "Petals."
  • Has a drivers license.

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