Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ kim hee chul facts ~

  • Heechul's favorite music is sad songs. He even dances to those.
  • Heechul's favorite food is Kimchi Bbokeumbbop (kimchi fried rice)
  • When asked his Ideal type he answers with "Trying to find a woman who is your ideal type is quite rediculous. The person you truly like is your ideal type. I didn't realize that."
  • His definintion of Concerning love is "Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart."
  • He can not seem to get himself drunk even if he wanted to.
  • When asked how many most valuable friends he has he answers "The important thing is not 'how many' but rather 'how deep'.
  • Heechul is not afraid to kiss guys.
  • Heechul treasures himself over anyone else.
  • Heechul's first time drinking alcohol was in junior high.
  • Heechul does not like the fact he is growing up.
  • Heechul does not have any thoughts of getting married, but he would like to soon.
  • Heechul listens on average to 4 songs before being able to fall asleep.
  • Some of Heechuls specialities would be his quick wittyness in verbal combacks.
  • Heechul's answer when asked about his religion is "Against even Siwons preachings, I have no interest."
  • Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he was a kid.
  • When asked the difference between men and wemon he replied "The difference between a false angel and a genuine devil."
  • If he was to be born again he wants to be a flower blooming on a high cliff so no onw can touch him.
  • He thinks rainy days are irritating.

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