Thursday, March 24, 2011

~My Own Short Story~

I didn’t expect that my life will 100% changes. But that’s not my right to reject the destiny from our love God. I accept it with open hearts and I only just could continue with normal life. Now all of you must be wondering what I mean right? Actually my life has a big change after both of my parents were dead in a road accident.
When I’m in form five, I make a decision to stay in a hostel. But my mother strongly objected my actions to live in the dorms, because I was her only child. I’m stick with my decision although she strongly objects. It’s because I want to be an independent person, I want to learn how to manage myself without the help from my mother and also that year I will take my important examination. After I seriously explained why I wanted to live in the dorms to my mother, she starts thinking that it is for my own sake.
Lastly, my parents give permission to me to stay in a hostel. Then I apply to stay in a hostel and my application has been approve by the head of the warden. My mother helps me to pack all my stuff. This weekend both of my parents send me to the hostel. After settle everything about my dorm my mother leaves me alone with all new environments. But I can handle it because they all are my friends in same levels.
My life goes on as usual without any problem because my parents always support me. Every weekend they come to see me and bring whatever that I wanted. They really love me. My study also goes on as usual. But on a day when I was studying in the classroom, my uncle and the principal come to see me in my class. That day was the worst day that I ever had because the news that my uncle tell to me makes a big changes in my life. At first I can’t guess why my uncle come to see me at my school, but after he talk to my teacher, my teacher just wiggled his head marked the bad things have happened.
After that my uncle called me to come in front, and then he briefly tells me what happen. I feel my life floating when I’m heard that news. Everything across to my mind, what happen to me if they not been here with me. I can not describe my feelings at that time and of course I crying like crazy person at that time in my class. All my friends come to give words of encouragement and advice to me to accept it with an open hearts. But for me they were everything for me and I only have them in my life.
Then my uncle brings me back to my house to give last respect for both of them. I do not even see any scratches on their bodies but like the doctor said that they suffered internal injuries. After the entire funeral finished my uncle had to hold a ‘tahlil’. I leave everything to my uncle because I was not able to handle it by myself. After the ‘tahlil’ my uncle comes to see me and give some advice.
He also offered me to stay with him, but I’m refuse because I want to stay in my parent’s house. I don’t want all the memories disappeared just like that. But my promise to myself that I want to continue my life as usual and I want to fulfill my parents wishes that they want me to be a good daughter and be a useful person. I need to be a strong person after this.

p/s: grammar berterabur......hahahahahah

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