Monday, June 20, 2011

~What ELF should know about Super Junior~

1. Once, members were teasing Teuk jokingly. Teuk hit Eunhyuk's
      neck, grabbed his neck..Then, Eunhyuk cried
 2. Leeteuk would tell the girl first before kissing her
 3. Hankyung has the best sense of balance amongst all the
 4. Heechul once admitted to being awkward with
     Eunhyuk on his mini homepage.
 5. Leeteuk's dream is to stand on stage as 13 before he goes to
     the army
 6. Zhoumi is the one who does the most ayego amongst
     SJ-   members
 7. Leeteuk once forgot the name of his friend while phoning him,
    so he asked the mom ‘Can I speak to the son of this house?
 8. If the followers of all SJ boys' Twitter accounts are combined,
     they're the first worldwide.
 9. Kyuhyun is really good at bargaining with shopkeepers in China.
 10.when Eeteuk and Eunhyuk were both injury Sungmin and
      Ryeowook take the DJ roll inSukira
 11.Leeteuk really sees Hangeng as a teammate, as a friend, so he
      would demonstrate his different styles in front of Hangeng.
 12.All members of SJ has a rule. No slandering of  female artistes
       that they like. Everyone must protect her.
 13. while SJ were shooting their 4JIB's MV in the studio, Big Bang
       was shooting their Japanese MV in the room beside them. 
 14.Eunhyuk: “Until now, I never drink even a drop of alcohol.”
      because of the promise he made with Xiah Junsu. 
     is the SAME DATE!!!
 16.kyu when He sleeps, he snores really loudly and he’ll even
 17. "Jumong" has 81 episodes and it showed for 10 months, and
       kyu followed it diligently!
 18.When kyu was 16/17, he joined the Buddy Star Contest and
       he came in 3rd!
 19.Kyu isn't good cooking, even when he tried to fry ham, under
       Kangin's reminder, he added sesame oil instead of cooking oil.
 20. Kyu favourite movie is “The Big Swindle”, “Jumong” as well as
      “Lovers in Paris”
 21.Kyu has a glib tongue which no one can beat! Even Kangin
      can’t handle him
 22.Kyu cooks delicious meal only if he will eat by himself 
 23.kyu love snow, that's why he is a genius in terms of
 24. Kyuhun practically sucks not only at driving but also at vertical
        or parallel parking.
 25.Kyuhyun family has owned a very large college entrance
      preparation academy
 26.Kyuhyun’s favorite Thai phrase is 'Rak Na Dek Ngo'
     which means ‘I love you silly baby
 27.Kyuhyun agreed that he has a fear of rejection and thus
      is afraid of confessing his feelings to girls he likes
 28.Kyuhyun Was voted “Most Loveable Magnae in K-pop”
      in a Summer 2008 Arirang poll, beating out fellow
      labelmates Changmin and Taemin
 29.Kyuhyun was the only Super Junior member to be
      included in the 2008 Mnet Top 20 list of Best Male
      Vocalists in Korea
 30.Kyuhyun good at math and always working on math
      problems to fill in spare time.
31.Shindong often lies on his side on his bed and just goes
     on the computer in that position
32. Shindong keeps a rack of hats above his bed.
33.Kyuhyun did a duet with this SNSD member in SM Town..
34.Donghae is Leeteuk's precious younger brother. If
     there's no Donghae around the dorm,Teuk will feel
35.leeteuk's name means special and he chose it because
     he is a special guy
36.“I believe right now Leeteuk is telling another lies to the
     magnaes-magnaes around him” – Kangin
37.Before the bungee jump Eunhyuk shouted donghae let's
     break up. Donghae replied that hyuk come down and
     he'll smack him
38.Kim Young Woon (Kang In), he is Korea′s # 1 handsome
     guy.(according to him)
39.kangin is a tough guy, but he′s really a warm-hearted
40.Donghae doesn't like being alone so eunhyuk always
     accompany him 
41.When the members say something funny, Donghae
     would be the only one who stays quiet
42.Donghae keeps a picture of him and Hyukjae's mom in
     his wallet 
43.Although donghae once said he doesn’t like to be too
     close (skinship) with someone, but we can see that he
     loves hugging
44.Lee Dong Hae, he′s a close friend of YunHo from TVXQ
45.shindong often snore when he was asleep and donghae
     was afraid of his snore
46.Shindong often feel resentful with donghae because
     donghae often borrow his shirt and use it as blanket
47.Eunhyuk has a dog name choco and donghae has a dog
     name bada..
48.When donghae took the high school exams heechul go
     up early to cook eggs for his breakfast
49.According to Leeteuk & Eunhyuk,Donghae drives
    recklessly &they're scared whenever he drives..
50.Kangin's biggest blow was the gaining of his weight from
     "U" to "Sorry Sorry" 
51.Kangin is really rich!all members thinks hamburger is an
     expensive food,but to Kangin hamburger isn't that
52.Kangin likes natural beauty, therefore he likes girls with
     nice legs because legs cannot have plastic surgery done
     on them
53.Before going to sleep,Kangin say goodnight to the pic of
     Super Junior that hanging on his room
54.Kangin is the only member that doesn't have any laptop.
     Every member got their laptop from their fans.but
     Kangin haven't got 1
55.Sungmin loves pink like mad. Whenever he buys
     something he will not see the design, as long is PINK he
     will buy. 
56.Sungmin wear pink doraemon pajama to sleep 
57.Sungmin is manly infront of guys but when infront of a
     girl he Is gentle
58.Sungmin likes the times of the day when the numbers
     were all the same like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.
59.Sungmin is so embarrased when he told SNSD Sooyoung
     that his first kiss was Eunhyuk
60.sungmin was going to change his wardrobe once but
     there was too much pink so he decided not to.
61.When sungmin was asked to finish the sentence,
    "Super Junior is.." He replied "a theme park
62.sungmin's ideal girl : shorter than him, smart and kind
     and her eyes must be big
63.sungmin has a little brother named sungjin and he
    supposedly sounds exactly like him
64.sungmin  says his cuteness is natural. If someone asks
     him to do aegyo he can’t do it.
65.The reason why Yesung bought tortoises is because he
     was bored then realise keeping tortoises is even more
     boring than before
66.There was once an interview when Yesung talked for 2
     hours, in the end 90% was cut off
67.Everyone thought he was the most quiet member of the
     group but it is totally different under cam.
68.yesung can make weird noises while he sleeps, like
     expressing hate for someone, and he even sing when
     he sleeps .
69.During kyuhyun's bdae..yesung was the first to call him
     and wish him..
70.Yesung: "yeah Donghae and Siwon is really close,,,,And
     now I'm jealous!!!
71.When Super Junior talks about Moon Geun Young
     (Yesung's ideal girl), Yesung always become silent!!!
72.Yesung was once admitted to hospital for 15 days & for
     those days NO ONE visits him because everyone is busy!
73.once Yesung & Donghae bought jeans together with
    Leeteuk who planned not to buy but the lady gave him
    30% discount!
74.Yesung when he's with KRY can't easily practice his
     being HYUNG!!!!
75.Yesung's sign of weirdness-> lookin at the camera then
     pouts his lips with serious face!!
76.In variety shows, Yesung was the one trying hard for
     camera exposure but other sj members like to interrupt
77.In shows,when Kyuhyun's going to make some prank
     with his hyungs, Shindong and Siwon always accompany
78.Yesung speaking when mic malfunctions, all suju
     members offer their mic to his FACE!!!
79.In Yesung's case,when the camera caught him laughing,
     he'll suddenly post a serious cool face!!
80."Whenever I take picture I make sure that it's the
     perfect angle!!" –YESUNG
81.Yesung had to be in hospital after he collapsed after
     running for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km.
82.His stage name is Yesung and it means "art-like voice".
    His real name is actually Kim Jong-woon
83.Yesung had to be in hospital after he fell off a 1.5m
    stage and was released two days later because he hurt
    his neck and waist. 
84.In November 06, 2009, yesung replaced Jonghyun of
    Shinee in their RDD performance due to Jonghyun
    coming down with the swine flu.
85.yesung was once a radio host for his own radio program,
     M.I.R.A.C.L.E for You, which ended its broadcast in
     September 2007.
86.Yesung like to touch Siwon's piltrum and Kyu Cheeks

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