Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~super junior facts~

Do you know that...

1.Super junior name was initially SM junior

2.(Super Junior K.R.Y) kyuhyun addicted= games. ryeowook addicted= cooking. yesung      addicted= turtles.

3.(The richest members in super junior) 3rd richest= kyuhyun. 2nd richest= sungmin. the richest among the richest= siwon.

4.donghae joined cywold because of eunhyuk. while eunhyuk joined twitter because of donghae.

5. ryeowook grinds his teeth when he sleeps. yesung talks and shout in his dreams. the usually quiet people are not so quite at night. 

6.leeteuk likes to curl himself up into a balland covers himself securely with a blanket,only revealing his head wehn he sleeps.

7.heechul draws a line when he sleeps on the bed. if  anyone crosses the line. they will be kicked out. the only people that can sleep with heechul are kibum. and typhoon of trax.

8.donghae is sensitive in place it's hard for him to sleep in other place. it's because he feels insecure when he does not see anything familiar to him in the surrounding.

9.siwon likes to squeeze closely to people when he sleeps, thus nobody in SJ really likes to sleep with him.

10.when donghae see that his hyung are in a upset mood, he will cook noodles for them.

11.sungmin loves to cook for his members. but when he cooks, the whole kitchen is to him.

12.kyuhyun is terrible at cooking. one  time he cooking ham. he burned it.

13.out of all the super junior members, eunhyuk eat's the most.

14.donghae hates sweet stuff the most (eunhyuk loves sweet) eunhyuk hates seafood. (donghae's favorite is seafood) but both eunhyuk and donghae like milk very much

15.kyuhyun doesn't like vegetables. 

 16.donghae prefers seafood. but often snatch all kinds of meat  with his hyung.

17.heechul loves white chocolate. when he was recovering from the accident at SJ's dorms, he always told hankyung to go outside and bring him some white chocolate 

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